With our programmes everyone wins

We make our customers’ supply chains more sustainable.  We do this through our rigorous assessment of risks and opportunities, creation of realistic improvement plans and supporting the delivery of these plans. We measure ourselves on the positive impact we can generate. With our programmes everyone wins.

International supply chain programmes

AB Sustain is a truly global business, operating in more than sixty countries and managing diverse supply-chain projects as far afield as Maldivian tuna and Indonesian sugar.

Since 1999, AB Sustain has spearheaded an innovative approach to sustainability for suppliers and processors. Flexible and global, it has been adopted by several key natural resource supply-chains. Our understanding of industry sectors relies on the breadth and depth of the relationships we seek to establish with our clients. We offer them an understanding of their agricultural supply-chains through utilisation of effective tools to measure and monitor continuous improvement, throughout their supply base.

Over the years, we have built trusted relationships with key players of the tobacco industry which has enabled us to better apprehend the global sustainability issues, and also the industry-specific challenges that suppliers and farmers are facing. Being attentive to our customers’ needs has been fundamental to our success and enabled us to work in partnership with the industry, to create an all-encompassing sustainability programme. Today, we are covering fifty per cent of tobacco leaf supply, having grown our relationships with processors from 37 to over 200.

Our expertise is in understanding the variety of challenges that exist and working with an industry to identify the data that is required to be gathered, analysed and reported and providing a means to do so. This in turn enables our clients to demonstrate progress towards sustainability objectives, thus generating continuous improvement and long-lasting value.

UK retail

We partner industry-leading businesses to deliver continuous improvements in their agricultural supply chains. Endorsed by independent expert bodies such as The Carbon Trust, Natural England, and WWF, businesses trust and work with us to deliver an increasing amount of their needs. Whether this is reducing risk, improving efficiencies, or creating distinctive differentiation, our experience and relationships across the sectors are industry leading.

Our relationship with Dairy Crest is one of almost twenty years. Dairy Crest trust us to collect and manage their farm level data by providing the farmers who supply them with a unique advisory service that helps them achieve the highest standards in an efficient way. Over the years we have helped to deliver improved animal welfare outcomes and quantify the value of managing water use.

We have also worked with Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s top two food retailers for over nine years. Initially engaged by them as agricultural experts to deliver carbon reductions on their 300 dairy farms.  Our services to Sainsbury’s now includes research & development and data science projects with over 2,300 producers annually across 13 supply chains spanning UK livestock and produce to New Zealand lamb and Maldivian tuna.


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