How we do it

Good data and analysis is key to our success, but the real power behind our programmes is the partnerships we build between farmers, processors, shippers and brand owners. Our team travels the globe to establish relationships and form expert partnerships to meet the needs of our clients and drive best practice within supply chains. We utilise technology to make our processes efficient and to minimise the burden on suppliers. Through our experience in gathering and analysing agricultural data we make the complex simple.

Trusted partnerships

Inspiring people to work together,
using data to show them how

We enable world-wide partnerships between our clients, the processors that supply them and the 5 million farmers producing crops and livestock at the start of these supply chains.

We work closely with both farmers and suppliers so that performance can be understood, trends examined, vital benchmarks established and improvement targets set. We hold a unique position allowing us to bridge the gap between our clients and their supply chains through our detailed understanding of issues at farm and factory level. Our expert assessors provide face to face support, and through these relationships our programme is able to generate a level of trust which is underpinned by our governance and data security standards. The longevity of our client relationships and programmes is evidence that our approach and our people deliver results.

Innovative technology

Innovative solutions, based on
what we know will work 

We know that being able to efficiently collect data at farm level is crucial, so we look beyond the obvious to create novel solutions. Our experts harness technology from different sectors to deliver affordable and effective solutions.

From academic propositions to industry approved products, we adapt technology found from a range of industries, and apply it in a way that works for global agricultural supply chains. Our technology allows clients to see their entire supply chain and the interactions that occur in a simple and visually appealing format.

Our multi-lingual app based software allows online and offline data collection on any farm in any environment anywhere in the world.

Data science

Using cutting-edge analytics
to enable smarter decisions

Using Bayesian probabilities and multi-variate analysis we translate complex datasets, where causality might lie within a number of different variables, into understandable and actionable insights.

Our skills with data mean that clients can quickly and rigorously interrogate their supply chains. Key issues can be identified and the likely causes of these issues established using various statistical and visualisation techniques.  Suppliers can be benchmarked in a way that enables our clients to assess the whole of their supply chain and target areas for improvement precisely and consistently.

We created the world’s first tier 3 agricultural carbon models. This modelling approach underpins our ability to uncover fresh insights.


Continuous improvement

From knowing to doing,
seeing through the change

Our relationships with supply chain participants last years, not months.  We work with them to deepen their understanding of sustainability issues within their operations and, from this insight, we support the identification and delivery of lasting solutions.

AB Sustain harnesses the understanding it generates from its data collection and analysis to enable clients to focus resource where it matters most.  Whether it is planning, delivering, or measuring improvements we work in collaboration with clients and act as a catalyst for the introduction of new practices, technologies and partners.  We recognise that the sustainability aspirations of clients and their customers are not static and therefore supporting a culture of continual improvement is fundamental to what we do.


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