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Our Core Product Offering

AB Sustains success is driven by our fully tailorable product and service offering. Clients have the ability to select from carefully structured supply chain solutions which can be delivered independently or together to form the basis of an entire programme depending on the level of coverage required.

Risk Mapping

A dynamic tool identifying areas of high risk within agricultural supply chains.


A customisable data collection tool accessible via secure offline or online portals.

Risk Assessment

A framework to create measurable and reportable risk profiles of your supply base.

Action Plans and Impact Statements

Tailored action plans with the capability to measure, track and report improvement initiatives.

Remote Verification

Desk based service to of review and confirm key data points gathered from Self-Assessment modules.

On-Site Validation

In country validation of key data points and targeted actions across high risk or critical parts of the supply chain.

Dashboards Analytics

Dynamic, state-of-the-art dashboards that provide clients the opportunity to interact with their data and act on meaningful insights.

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